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A Word from Robert Varden

 By Robert Varden, Executive Director, CFI Division, CFI #969

 Wow!! Our second edition of the CFI magazine is already upon us.

 These are very exciting times at CFI. We have so much to be thankful for.

 As we embark in to our 28th year, I thought I would look back and pull up just a few of
 the amazing things and positive changes we’ve made in the industry. Let’ s start with a few
 numbers. To date we have well over 20,000 CFI Certified professional installers nationwide.
 We have had over 60,000 flooring professionals that have went through our CFI training
 programs. We’ve held 26 incredible conventions and performed training in 10 different
 countries from around the world. I commend all the incredible Senior Certifiers, Trainers, staff
 and amazing individuals that committed themselves to making this happen.

 Now, it’s time to really get going. In my opinion, we have only scratched the surface of what   SEMI-FINALS
 the CFI organization with all its support and relationships can accomplish.

 The Flooring industry and the installers that support it are more in demand now than ever   COMPETITION
 before. Now is the time for the manufacturers to stand behind the idea of supporting training
 and certification. There are several great trainings and certifying bodies in our industry, yet   Enter to compete in the National Installer of the Year Semi-Finals
 there are still so many individual installers running around with no formal training and no
 certification. The claims and failures based on installation are far too high. I don’t blame this
 on the installer. I blame this on an industry that allows anyone with a truck and a $100 set of
 tools to go out and attempt to install a product that needs a trained professional to install.   Win a Trip to Compete in the Finals  ENTER NOW
         The National Installer of the Year Competition (The Nationals)
 Why would any manufacturer not require their products to be installed by a trained, Certified   is held annually at The International Surface Event (TISE). For   installer-competition
 Professional? I understand the current logistical issues but if we don’t start somewhere, we will   2021, TISE is hosting a semi-finals competition at the Las Vegas   Submission Deadline MAY 15
 never get anywhere.   event this June. A panel of judges will review the submissions
         from around the country and will select the top 10 contestants
         in each category to compete LIVE. The top 4 semi-finalists from
 #CFI FAMILY  #CFI STRONG  each category in the June competition will win a trip to
         compete for the national title in February 2022.
         SEMI-FINALS 2021 EXHIBITS  16 - 18 June
 Robert Varden
         FINALS 2022 EXHIBITS  1 - 3 February

         Mandalay Bay Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV

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