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A Project Profile:

 The Coder School - Montgomery   >COVER STORY

 By Joann Eltringham of LBJ Flooring

 HE philosophy of critical thinking is what drove the
 inspiration of the design of this new center. They
 T(Michael and Dominique) wanted the look of a high
 technology space but was very committed to make it feel
 like home. With a high end and contemporary feel, the
 overall goal was to create a welcoming environment that
 promotes learning in a comfortable setting. This was a very
 important component of the vision they had for the space.
 The layout was designed to create a flow that naturally pulled
 the occupants to the rear of the building. This is where the
 classrooms were located cleverly behind reclaimed wood
 partitions, assuring that the learning hub was hidden from
 public view.

 The color scheme and geometric lines on the accent walls
 were strategically placed throughout the school to add pop
 and create drama. However, the floor was a key component
 of the design story. The soft brown and warm wood were the
 perfect contrast to the bold and sharp geometrics on the wall
 patterns. The selected floor was specified because of its high
 use durability and warm wood feel. The subtle texture and
 even color balances the energy of the overall design acting as
 a backdrop to the geometric artwork and supporting the flow
 of the space plan which leads the students to the rear of the   they are as passionate about texture, appearance, and quality   Korlok Reserve is an award-winning floor product specializing
 space.   as the craftsmen that inspired these innovative Karndean   in vinyl tile. It presents a range of colors offering an
 LBJ Flooring LLC, which is a nonunion Woman Owned   Flooring designs in the first place.  assortment of many species of wood such as oak, pine and
 Business Enterprise established in 2015 and located in Dayton   walnut visual and come complete with oiled, aged and limed
 NJ, partnered with Contractor - FCF Construction to install   finishes. Whatever your style is inspired by you will find the
 Michael and Dominique Young, co-owners   1,540 SF of this Karndean Korlok Reserve in color Tavern   floor within Korlok Reserve to tie all the elements of your
 of The Coder School Montgomery want to   with an Oiled Oak finish. The expertise of the installation   space together.
 do more than just teach coding. They want   team combined with their knowledge of dealing with existing
 aspiring coders to use their newfound passion   conditions as they came up proved to be a perfect fit for the   Karndean products offer a rigid core collection, available
 as a springboard to think outside the box. They   execution of this beautifully laid floor. The floor was finished   in 48” x 7” planks with a patented and proven click-locking
                                                            system. This system is easy to install and maintain with a
 believe that exposure to STEM/Coding creates   with Roppe vinyl wall base in Burnt Umber to complement   full warranty from the manufacturer that will provide more
 the design.
 a foundation for advanced critical thinking. It            than satisfactory results for all your projects. No matter
 is their hope that their students will build from   Karndean was formed in 1973 with the belief that luxury vinyl   what drives you, Karndean was created with your needs in
 this base and bring to life whatever their imagi-  flooring should not just be practical, but beautiful as well. The   mind. They see flooring differently and by combining original
 nation dictates.   original Karndean team set out to travel the world, seeking   features with cutting edge design, you can create a simply
 inspiration from natural materials to create what is now some   beautiful floor that you will love for a lifetime.
 of the most realistic luxury vinyl flooring products on the
 “To watch how coding drives innovation is like   market. Karndean Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile is a spectacular   About the Author: For over 28 years, Joann has been a noteworthy
 watching the future unfold. There is an unde-  flooring that can enhance any room with its natural look   leader in the interior design, furniture, and flooring industry. Joann
 niable beauty in seeing students take an idea   and feel. Because of its many practical benefits, Karndean   is now at LBJ Flooring, a commercial nonunion woman owned floor
                                                            provider and installation business. She loves to use her talents to
 that they have, make that idea come to life, and   Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile became the preferred choice for   transform existing space or develop new space that will exceed the
 then share that idea with millions of people”,   this project. The wooden effect planks are quiet underfoot   intended function as well as the client’s expectations. Joann spends
 said Michael Young. “We are at the cutting   and elegant. These Planks and tiles are both affordable and   her free time with her family. She is very active in her kids’ activities
 versatile, with a huge spectrum of colors, sizes and patterns
                                                            and loves volunteering whenever possible.
 edge of educational innovation and we are ex-  to choose from. With these qualities, Karndean will ensure
 cited about bringing this offering to your kids.”  that you will find that unique floor perfect for your project.
 As the leading specialist in design flooring, you can see how

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