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Understanding Flooring Adhesive Terminology – Part 1, continued

              with Soil or Granular Fill under Concrete Slabs”, or as
              most in the flooring world know it, the requirement
              of having an intact, sub-slab moisture vapor retarder.
              Even though it’s considered standard practice in new
              construction to install sub-slab vapor retarders, older
              concrete slabs, especially 20+ years, may not have
              one. Even if an older slab does have one, it is likely not
              intact due to disintegration and time, making it vital
              to verify if there is one present and in good condition.
              Typically, this requires drilling a core sample and can
              still give inconclusive results. It is important to know
              that most products designed to go over concrete,
              including patch/level products, adhesives, coatings
              and primers require an intact, sub-slab vapor retarder
              be present in order for their warranty to be valid.
           •  Hydrostatic Pressure = According to Dictionary.
              com, this is defined as “the pressure exerted by a
              fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid,
              due to the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure
              increases in proportion to depth measured from
              the surface because of the increasing weight of fluid
              exerting downward force from above”. Despite how
              scary hydrostatic pressure sounds (and can be), it is
              actually a very rare problem, although many moisture
              issues are mistakenly given this label. Essentially, it is
              pressure in the capillaries and pores of the concrete,
              being driven through the concrete slab by some
              external force. The most common culprits leading to
              hydrostatic pressure are improper drainage or a high-  withstand and block moisture, then you need to look
              water table. Often, leaky or broken water pipes are   for moisture barrier adhesives.
              lumped into hydrostatic pressure, however they are
              technically considered hydraulic pressure but result in   Clearly there is a lot of meaning behind these terms, and this
              similar issues.                               article has only scratched the surface. Speaking of surface,
           •  Moisture Barrier vs Moisture Tolerant Adhesives   in the next edition of this publication, we will continue with
              = This is one of the most widely misunderstood   “Part II” where we will dive into the meaning behind the
              concepts regarding flooring adhesives today. When   terms surrounding substrates, time, traffic and sound as they
              adhesive manufacturers assign RH, pH and MVER data   relate to flooring adhesives.
              points (numbers) to their products it means that the
              adhesive can withstand, or “tolerate” those levels.   Now you know, and as they say, knowing is half the battle.
              However, just because an adhesive can tolerate high   Next time you are selecting a flooring adhesive product,
              moisture (ex. 99% RH, 12 lbs MVER, 12 pH) does not   remember the meanings behind the data and terminology.
              mean that the adhesive will offer any sort of moisture   Installing with confidence is easy when you Stick with the
              protection for the floor covering material being   Facts.
              installed. If you are looking for a product that can both
                                                            For more information and great advice on this topic from
                                                            flooring experts, you can watch “Stick with the Facts”
                                                            TAYLOR TIME LIVE - S1 E3 at www.
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                                                                                                                             *Results may vary depending on adhesive and substrate.
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